Tampa iPad Repair

Dropped iPad - Cracked Glass or LCD

If you dropped your iPad, don't worry, we can fix it for much less than then the cost of a new tablet. New glass and/or LCD screens take 1-2 days for replacement, so you won't be without your iPad for too long.

Cracked Screen
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Battery Replacement

When you first get your iPad the battery seems like it last forever (about 10 hours). But as the battery ages the battery life will slowly erode. When this happens we can install a new factory replacement battery.

iPad Battery
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Damaged Connector - Power, USB, Audio

If your iPad has stopped syncing and/or charging, and you have tried another cable, you possibly have a faulty charging port. We can also replace the audio headphone jack. The average connector repair takes 1 day.

Port/Plug Repair

Broken Button - Home Button, Power, Volume

The iPad relies heavily on it's touch screen capabilities, but also on a few buttons that make it almost unusable when they stop working. We can replace all of the buttonsPad including the home, volume, power and mute button.

Button Repair